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Types of tile

CERAMIC TILE – Ceramic Tile is clay fired man-made material. Surface in glazed ceramic (single-fired, double-fired, etc...) do not normally require any protective treatment. It is the glaze itself that gives the material its excellent protection against the absorption of dirt, along with its particular aesthetic effect. Many of the new ceramic tiles in today’s market are manufactured to look like real stone.

VCT-TILE – Vinyl Composition Tile can be found in 9 inches but most commonly in 12 inches. It contains vinyl resins and comes in a wide variety of colors. It is an extremely dense yet porous floor and has a good resistance to acid, alkaline and solvent base spots and spills. It is highly resilient and is installed in light, medium and heavy traffic areas. Of all resilient floor coverings, VCT is the most commonly found in commercial use.

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